17 Sep

A group of state retirees participate in Texas Employees Retirement System. On behalf of the retirement systems, they advocate the retirees and public employees in the state. The people have suffered twenty years of insufficient funding, it is now time for the current legislature to step up. Currently, the legislature has been passed by the Senate Bill 321 and is on the desk awaiting for the Governor's signature.
The AFSCME endorse the Senate Bill 321. But, what is this all about? This gives enough funding with the aim to sustain the ERS plan. In addition, this keeps a pension plan with defined benefit in the future.

The senate bill 321 help increase the texas state employee pension  fund for ERS pension plan with the amount of $510 million per year for thirty years in order for the plan to accomplish. Also, it would be possible for the retirees to have a living adjustment cost on the next legislative session.
Another thing of the bill is that it alters the calculation of the employees retirement benefits after September 1, 2022. Though, this would still be in defined benefit plan. They have also make sure to update you of the detailed information and updates regarding the progress of the bill.

Are you interested in preserving the retirement benefits? Fortunately, they have a wide board of activist members, along with other activist members, keep track of the ongoing budget and legislation issues. They make sure to attend the ERS meetings, legislature hearings, testify at hearings, and meet with the legislators. In addition, they write letters to the editors and legislators to media outlets and local newspapers. They even make phone calls and send emails. 

These they all do to show their commitment in doing everything to preserve the 70-year old retirement system in existence. Are you interested of becoming a member? Well, you might be hesitant since this can cost you some money. However, there are actually benefits that you can enjoy. 

Below are some of the things that you can take advantage of as a member. Take a look at them. When you become an AFSCME member, it is very important to understand that you can always get an advantage. But, do you know that you can actually get a huge benefit when you shop? Well, through the AFSCME advantage program, there are big discounts you can get on everything you purchase, from your cell phone service to travel.

Here are the specific areas where you can get discounts.
- Auto- Entertainment- AT&T Wireless Discounts- Travel- AFSCME Advantage Credit Card- Free College
Now, these are the things that members of AFSCME can take advantage of. These are proofs that you can actually get a lot of benefits by joining the team to secure your retirement plan. So, what are you waiting for? Join them today!

Whether your in a private sector or public sector, retired or active, now is the right time to act and get involved. Do not hesitate to take action and get the chance to become a part of the history. Volunteer and contribute now!

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